Our Story

The NanoFreeze Journey

From the makers of Flower Secret comes NanoFreeze Technology—the first and only nano-technology available today, developed exclusively for wedding hand bouquet preservation.

The brainchild of entrepreneur, Hani Al-Hajari, NanoFreeze technology is the result of over 10 years of consistent research into advanced flower preservation and protection.

Getting his start as a mechanical engineering student at King Fahad University, Al-Hajari started his journey in 2000 with an interest in sustainable solutions. Working for Zamil Air Conditioning at the time, he spearheaded a project to power air conditioning systems using solar energy. The creativity and imagination involved in the process pushed him to experiment with more innovative ideas, which ultimately sparked his interest in flower preservation.

In 2005, Al-Hajari identified two problems that he believed could be solved:

  • Retaining the freshness of flowers beyond their natural expiration date (for decoration purposes).
  • Preserving bridal hand bouquets for memory.

Intrigued by the work of a French flower preservation expert from the 90s, Al-Hajari entered into investment negotiations in 2005, only to withdraw shortly afterwards. Although the process was able to extend floral shelf-life, Al-Hajari felt that the quality of preserved roses left much to be desired.

Between 2005 and 2008, he delved deeper into his research, hoping to find an alternative solution that didn’t share the shortcomings of the French process. After studying 20 different ways of preserving flowers using conventional practices, he finally developed a unique preservation technique which was dubbed the “Flower Secret Process”.


During this time, in 2007, Al-Hajari also worked closely with an American researcher in his own lab in USA—a man with 3 decades of experience in natural material preservation. Their collaboration led to the first successful wedding bouquet preservation. The results, however, were still not ideal: preserved roses that were dried and breakable.

Undeterred by the drawbacks, Al-Hajari saw a huge market for preserved hand bouquets, understanding the sentimental value that brides around the world attach to their most intimate wedding keepsake.

Parallel to these activities, he conceived the idea of treating flower and stem cells at a nano-molecular level.For this reason, he met with interested researchers and investors in Japan with nanotechnology and his ideas, marking the beginning of a brilliant invention for NanoFreeze technology.


TOKYO, JAPAN (2008): (Left to Right): Researcher from China, Investor from Japan,
Hani Al-Hajari, Factory Owner from Thailand, and Investor from Japan.


In 2008, the preserved flowers successfuly sold locally as decoration and sentimental gifts under Flower Secret brand. During this time, Al-Hajari also attended a flowers event in Japan to learn how to sell his products in the foreign market. Applying extensive R & D to extend floral life for several years (5 years and above), Al-Hajari was successfully able to target the bridal segment.


In 2009, the process was further improved and titled “Advanced Flower Secret Process”, which dramatically lengthened the lifespan of preserved flowers. Currently, no one in the world uses this process for wedding bouquet preservation but Flower Secret!

After 10 years of consistent improvement in production, a revolutionary preservation technique was born, using nano-technology. In 2017, the techniques were perfected to result in a preserved wedding bouquet that maintained its beautiful natural appearance and structural integrity over the course of time.

This is what we know today as

"NanoFreeze Technology".